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Strategic Directives Principals have significant expertise in managing in-house, on-shore and off-shore short and long-term resources and projects. With today's focus on cost savings and where outsourced development is the right option, we frequently call on our business partner Advus, established in 2002, a team of highly competent business executives and IT software development professionals already delivering complex technology and business solutions to marquee clients across multiple industry verticals in Brazil. 

In addition to overall lower project development cost, this team:

  • Is highly skilled including Java, .Net, Open Source technologies - programming, databases, project management, integration between stacks, custom and purchased business applications
  • Provides dedicated and fractional IT resource team pricing models that can be maximized with in-house capabilities
  • Includes business analyst and project management state-side leadership; can facilitate product introductions into the Brazil market place
  • Has cross-functional expertise – business intelligence, data mining, metric development, role-based predictive analytic dashboards
  • Has industry expertise – consumer goods, banking, financial services, energy, retail
  • Utilizes online project and status reporting
  • Is proud to provide marquee client project references
  • Operates only 1-2 hours off from any US timezone so easy to collaborate during the day



  • Tecnology - We are frequently asked to develop advanced computing and complex technology plus software solutions. The team is highly adept on designing commercial and industrial quality solutions that address the technology and regulations demanded by many clients. This includes: 
Portal  - Design & Management
Data Management – Structured & Unstructured Information 
Security – Application and Infrastructure
Architecture – Application, Data and Infrastructure 
Operations Management – Seamless Interconnections and Minimal Operations
Equipment/Software Integration - Maximizing intelligent hardware output through software
  • Expertise - Our software engineers build both Proof of Concept (POC) systems that can be fully tested by key stakeholders to match required needs, as well as the full scale production solutions. We (Strategic Directives Principals and Advus software professionals) combine experienced industry/functional business analysts with a solid delivery team that will execute your software project from solution conception to user training. We bring customized Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, rich interfaces, web development, web services and legacy integration skills and best practices to our client engagements to speed quality development and transfer knowledge to in-house teams.
  • Applied Research - We are constantly being asked to research new delivery devices, web-based and disruptive technologies that can catapult forward business and productivity results for all users. At the same time we can also ensure that these new solutions can be fully integrated with existing technology investments for scalability and ongoing controlled maintenance.
  • Business Process Management - We can combine Software Engineering with Business Process Management design and build powerful solutions that support process and resource improvements. Advus has proven expertise in process engineering and applied technology in banking, transportation, point of sales and control center industries.