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We find that even with target market and buyer strategies in place, companies often struggle with changing demands in effectively selling their products or services. In many cases, the solutions to enhancing or implementing a new selling strategy lie in the related areas of marketing, product strategy, or the actual selling model itself.

By grounding our expertise on industry best practices, Strategic Directives will identify where there are perceived or real performance obstacles to sale. Drawing on one or more of the Strategic Directives' Principals through a baseline assessment, we can help focus improvements and investments in particular areas of need.

With broad experience in implementing both direct and partner sales channels strategies, Strategic Directives will work closely with you to either build or enhance:

 Sales tracking effectiveness throughout the sales cycle; direct or channel sales; post-mortem

 Metrics to be used to monitor company and individual resource performance in selling

 Processes for supporting the sales channel; use of pre/post sales/consulting important for repeat business

 Programs for specific client or partner acquisition programs

 Strategies to keep your company brand in front of desired clientsóall the time

 CRM and business intelligence to understand perceived competitors and deny competition

 Understanding types of buyers (within organizations) and what motivates them to purchase

Today sales strategies do not stand alone in closing business. Buyers and their approval mechanisms rely on strengths in every area of a companyó Product, Marketing Impact, Web & Media Impact, and Organizational Readiness

Our goal is to work with you to proactively respond to the results of your sales efforts in order to maximize repeatable and profitable win selling strategies.