Services | Product Development


Too often, extremely bright founders and entrepreneurs create compelling technology and business solutions but lack a more formal understanding of what it takes to be a product or professional services company with the ability to deliver repeatable, scalable, and profitable solutions.

We ensure that you understand how to develop a 3 to 5 year product strategy that allows for ongoing revenue potential from a combination on new markets and repeat/extended services to existing clients.

Regardless where you are in product strategy, development, or support with a new or established company, Strategic Directives will help with:

 Product Strategy: Definition, pricing, differentiators to competition

 Markets/Buyers: Services/products have real buyers with real business needs

 Product Development and Support: Industry best practices in software/consulting; channels of distribution and support, worldwide

 Financial Modeling: Revenue planning to maximize profit, future development, R&D

 Intellectual Property: Position technology/method for patent protection

 Multi-year Growth Plan: Build revenue/distribution growth for funded business plans

Product development includes comprehensive ongoing support and feedback mechanisms from sales efforts, clients, and the research communities to ensure continued success from perceived competition.