Services | Organizational Development


Paramount to the majority of our projects is the definition, sourcing, and retention of human capitalóemployees, consultants, and extended enterprise partners.

There are many best practices in defining business models and related company structure that maximize communication and business results. Strategic Directives helps firms build their organization to serve targeted clients and partners, as well as deliver the highest levels of productivity and quality in every job function.

Key organization development areas supported include:

 Organization structure and job role definitions which ensure that the right person has the right job; handling situations where job role and personality are incompatible

 Compensation and performance management systems, as well as metric systems, that build trust and allow for the direct sharing in rewards and risk in everyday business

 Collaboration practices that allow for the continual flow of new ideas, constant improvement throughout an organization, as well as the inclusion of both clients and partners

 Employment practices that attract and retain key employees

 Fostering a culture of trust within the organization that is effective in both times of financial robustness as well as during challenges

 Providing the necessary tools to make each person and job productive and successful

 Understanding when, where, and how to utilize outsourced services

Every individual in a company is important in order to achieve sustainable growth, whether their role is to continually deliver superior results or charged with breakthrough thinking that elevates the firm to its next level of successful achievement.