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Today's buyers expect that even the smallest companies have a readily identifiable image, logo, tag line, and be able to quickly articulate their value proposition and core benefitsó all at a glance .

Although a tall order for new businesses or for those trying to move to a new level of sophistication and maturity, these are creative and tactical improvements that illustrate strength, as well as differentiation, to effectively compete for markets and buyers.

We can address your specific Marketing and Corporate Identity requirements from company name and web presence to the creation of an overall marketing development plan. Where Strategic Directives excels is leveraging the overall strength of our Principals to ensure that your marketing investments support your overall Business StrategyProduct Development, and Sales Distribution efforts.

Strategic Directives' marketing experts can help in any of these key areas:

 Creative Company or Product Identity Branding: Company name, logo, tag line, identity

 Competitive Analysis: Differentiation

 Media and Public Relations

 Trade Event Planning, including special events

 Print Production

 Web & Media Impact

 Content creation/editing services

 Social Networks (blogs) as a business awareness tool

 Outsourced marketing services

It is everyone's role in your company to continuously brand all external touches to clients, partners, investors, and future employees. We will help you maximize each of these channels of thinking so as to differentiate your brand and company mission.