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Surprisingly, many good companies don't take a strong initiative in concentrating on effective financial control systems that provide the proactive performance indicators of success or failures.

Strategic Directives can provide employee resources, or clients can utilize our partner outsourced services to address everyday financial, accounting, and tax needs. Our goal is not to outsource everything you do. We seek to implement core systems that track costs, maximize inventory utilization, control receivables/payables, and address ìcommon-senseî reporting needs for the specific areas of company management.

More important, we can handle special projects that rely on experience that is often beyond the scope of many in-house management teams.

Whether your company is starting out new, you are your current financial practices, or preparing for structured investments, Strategic Directives is skilled in all of the following areas:

 Corporation, accounting, payroll, tax, setup, as well as ongoing processes and regular reporting setup; using internal or outsourced services

 Financial modeling to support funding and ongoing operational tracking

 Investment liaison in the seeking funds cycle between agents, investment firms and management

 Merger & acquisition as well as funding due diligence support

 Assistance with certified audits, tax situations and state labor issues

 Investor relations and support

 Independent advisory consulting for all areas traditionally covered by an internal CFO

Smart financial control and reporting systems ensure that make everyone more productive and effective.