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Long N. Phan is one of the world’s leading authorities on rapid thermal measurement solutions using long wave infrared imaging.  He completed his doctoral thesis in Mechanical Engineering titled “Automated Rapid Thermal Imaging Systems Technology” in 2012 at MIT.  His academic background in engineering focuses on Product Design, Manufacturing, and Heat Transfer.  Dr. Phan has since designed, engineered and delivered application-specific mobile thermal imaging systems for large-scale commercial use. 

Automated infrared thermography inspection techniques can be used to measure radiant energy emissions from the thermal envelop of buildings, fractures and weaknesses in a myriad of types of material, sense the heat flow from key machinery components, leakage of warm gases, and whole landscapes where timely, rapid, and high throughput imaging can be applied. In every case, the solutions can be developed, manufactured, deployed at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manual and semi-automated solutions and with a high degree of repeatability, consistency, delivering qualitative and quantitative results.

Knowledge in this practice area includes methods developed for Multi-camera Synthetic Aperture Imaging Systems, 3D Radiometry, Non-Radiometric Infrared Camera Calibration Techniques, Image Enhancement Algorithms, Hyper Resolution, Kinetic Super Resolution (KSR), and Thermal Signature Identification, Low-Light Signal-to-Noise Enhancement using KSR.

Consulting services includes the ability to:

  • Analyze custom and commercial applications for these technologies including cost/benefit analysis

  • Recommend the best mix of widely available commercial technology and need for customization/proprietary solutions for end products/solutions

  • Leverage the right technology for the right budget and project scope and needs

  • Apply the appropriate solutions for environment, portability, mobility, image capture, global positioning, data storage, multi-sensor integration, pre and post-image processing for the desired output requirements

  • Design, source, manufacture the prototype and finished mechanical designs including housing fabrication, cabling, data capture systems, power systems and inputs/outputs for back-end solutions

  • Draw on other Strategic Directive practice and delivery partners for analytical and software integration needs to post-processing measurement, existing software systems and reporting needs

  • Provide solutions to meet any global market requirements

  • Mechanical engineering services and solutions that includes strategy, product development, and scalable manufacturing

 Contact Dr. Phan to learn more about how these technologies can be applied to your specific application needs.