Services | Business Analytics


The move to business intelligence and adopting key performance (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) has created a mountain of metrics, but which ones in combination are indicative of Sr. management attention to drive operational and business decision making in near-real time?

We excel at moving companies from operational analytics to KPIs and KRIs, to custom indices that proactively look at weighted metrics that drive your particular business alerts and opportunities.

We use:

  • A methodology to define fewer, stronger, metrics to drive operation and business performance

  • Data analysis of structured and unstructured information, internal to the client, and external (economic and client customers) to help derive key indices

  • Principals of defect reporting (Six Sigma) as well as process improvement measures (Software Engineering Insitute/Capability Maturity Model - SEI/CMM) to drive role-based performance systems

  • Many existing dashboard products and tools available in most client software development arsenal to integrate metics into daily job responsilities

  • Data modelling for virtually any data source and assist in optimizing data sources for scalable solutions as pilot solutions move to production

  • Organizational development planning to retool organizational structures where business analytics and streamlined information throughout the enterprise

 Our goal is to make decisions in minutes and hours and not days and weeks.