Company | Project Approach


Each of our principals is an expert in a specific business area. Whether you request just one of us or seek a team approach, we maintain ongoing access to all Strategic Directives' experts and their wealth of expertise.

Strategic Directives has found that the most effective way to assist an organization is by:

 Providing a Discovery Assessment of need

 Developing Strategies for Improved Performance based on your specific objectives in the form of a proposal and letter of intent

 Creating a Phased Implementation Plan that includes discreet measurable projects that work within your budget and deadlines in the form of a statement of work

We employ a communications model based on the 5-level Software Engineering Institute/Capability Maturity Model (SEI/CMM) that helps you understand how Strategic Directives can assist your company management team in prioritizing the improvements which need to be made for desired success: 

 Level 1 - Just beginning to address an area of focus

 Level 2 - Have made initial investments in the area of focus but return is clearly unsatisfactory

 Level 3 - Area of focus is tactical and looking to make measurable improvements

 Level 4 - Company is ready to push strategically forward to best-in-class solutions

 Level 5 - Company has the goal of best-in-class and is looking to deny or leap beyond competition

This simple communications model was developed in principal by Carnegie Mellon and is used outside the software industry by the world's greatest companies. As we implement project solutions in a number of areas, Strategic Directives utilizes metrics to help articulate continuous improvement focus for staff and executives.