Company | Core Strengths


Strategic Directives' unique success lies in a holistic approach to business strategy that dynamically encompasses Marketing, Product, Sales, Development, Financial, and Legal concerns. You gain the benefit of best practices, worldwide, deployed across all these areas for your specific project needs.

Each Principal of Strategic Directives represents a core level of expertise and experience. Many of our team members own companies comprised of other employees in their area of expertise. This allows them to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Each Principal has a portfolio of company experience and key consulting clients with whom we have refined the knowledge that we bring to you. Strategic Directives has worked in concert to launch and expand client companies that leverage information technology across numerous verticals, general business, and information technologies. The core strengths of Strategic Directives include:

  Understanding and creating the big picture, yet phasing implementation for limited budgets

  Leveraging existing relationships, including investors, buyers, and partners

  Knowledge in most verticals, general business, and every facet of information technology

  An arsenal of working templates in all areas of business operations and control

  The ability to fill active-management roles until resources are acquired

   Scalable knowledge from start-up to post-IPO company or trade M&A sale