Top Flight Technologies
Greater Boston Area

Top Flight Technologies is dedicated to application-specific, cost effective commercial solutions of unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) using the latest advanced technologies driving automation and safety. Strategic Directive Principals are instrumental in launching the company's open-platform modular approach to building feature-rich UAV solutions, defining and launching the new business model, attracting employees and strategic partners to the new company and securing funding. The company has already assembled a dream team of management and advisors with man-years of UAV, Aviation and product design/engineering hardware and software expertise. The company has successfully demonstrated the first hybrid-powered electric-gasoline UAV flying over 2 hours with 1 gallon of fuel (November '2014) and gone on to hybridize other platforms for global company and government for numerous applications.



Greater Boston Area

HeliDirect is a high performance remote controll (RC) helicopter models, parts & accessories online e-tailer, stocking every high end brand and part catering to a discriminating global market of hobby-class consumers with exceptional disposible income. Founded in 2005, HeliDirect has continued to examine and adapt its business to the meet the changing product needs for this consumer base while growing customer loyalty and the one-stop shopping experience.

Strategic Directives Principals are providing business and technology management consulting to drive exponential improvements in people, process and technology in each segment of HeliDirect's business, and preparing the company for a series of expansions through strategic partners.


Greater Boston Area

Essess is a technology company focused on improving comfort and energy efficiency in homes and buildings. Using high-throughput, infrared technology developed at MIT, Essess rapidly identifies and analyzes sources of comfort and energy loss experienced by homes and commercial buildings across entire communities. These analyses can help property owners, energy auditors, and real estate professionals identify energy upgrade solutions to enhance comfort and efficiency. Strategic Directives Principals provided initial COO employee role and fractional consulting in the areas of funding, accounting, HR/benefits, legal and web development. Funded $7.5m 2012.

L3 Software Group

L3 is a Brazil-based, business-focused technology consultancy that has created proven solution sets that drive business in all functional areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), specifically around Microsoft CRM.

L3 engaged Strategic Directives to expand its CRM solution areas to address the needs of both new and existing L3 clients, including several industry-specific solution sets that L3 has commercialized for Professional Service (L3 PS Manager) organizations and Call Centers (L3 Support Center). In addition Strategic Directives helped L3 and its Brazil client, Deloitte, commercialize and expand its Enterprise Risk Management practice to a Software+Services solution set leveraging Deloitte's Ew-Risk® Risk Intelligence & Monitoring product that was developed by L3. L3 is a partner along with Advus and Incremax, other Strategic Directives clients, that give it international reach.

Eden Technologies
New York City

Eden Technologies is a premier IT Consulting, Support & Managed Services company that gives small and medium business clients in the Greater New York City area the full benefits of enterprise IT project and support services on a fractional cost basis.

Strategic Directives is working closely with the Eden Technologies team to define the sales and marketing messaging to support their strong Project and Managed Services delivery capabilities, and grow the scalability to include Virtual CIO strategic consulting. In a separate assignment Strategic Directives has created a revenue/cost tracking financial operations model per client.

Greater New York City, Brazil

Advus is a strategic consulting company specializing in business analytics and the visualization of core business functional data in a way that becomes actionable by executives, staff and customers.

Strategic Directives is helping expand Advus's greater New York City presence from its successful client base in San Paulo Brazil. This includes business strategy, product development, finance, sales, marketing and legal expertise to bring new services to both locations leveraging key intellectual property and resources already in place.

Oren's Daily Roast
New York City

Oren's Daily Roast is a New York City institution, doing what they have since 1986. That is finding the best green coffee in the world, roasting it to perfection every day, and bringing it to customers so they can enjoy it while the aroma can still fill a room. Strategic Directives principals and partners have worked with the founder Oren Bloostein to examine his business model and growth objectives and are now executing strategic marketing and technology projects that will increase brand and marketing awareness for both retail and Internet venues. This includes highly flexible ecommerce solutions for customers, wholesalers and store personnel that supports continued effective and scalable growth.

Fractal Edge

Award-winning data visualization software company that helps clients analyze large, complex and fast-moving information in a single interactive image. 

Providing a worldwide software product company business strategy template for funding and repeatable business success in all areas of company, product, sales, marketing, financial and channel distribution development. Participating as Senior Management to execute key portions of the company growth plan including marketing, channel development, partner support and research industry coverage. Company asset sale '2010.

New York City

Provider of highly creative, cutting-edge flash animation, commercials, and product illustrations for all media types; along with comprehensive brand marketing, web design, online media services.

Strategic Directives has been a long-term financial and business strategy consulting partner merging the services and talents of strategic post-production partners and providing management leadership, financial control and  operational excellence to address large-scale, cross-digital delivery platform, highly creative and relevant content projects that address the changing needs of both Media/Entertainment and Corporate clients looking for more innovation in multi-channel experience projects.


Internet security product company with patented encryption technology and sold worldwide through channel solution partners.

Built overall organization structure as interim COO to prepare for institutional funding and to complete and launch the first products worldwide in multiple languages; helped secure funding. Led key projects post-funding to rebrand company identity, launch marketing/media/trade key efforts, and lead sales/partner channel expansion, including pre/post sales and product support/partner training. Instrumental in closing several initial marquee client sales to prove the new business model. Company Asset Sale '2004.

Pivot Point Security
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Metro Area

Enterprise Information Security Assurance firm that specializes in independent audit, regulatory compliance, vulnerability assessments and security event monitoring. With highly certified and skilled professionals, Pivot Point Security helps small businesses through international corporations address "reasonable & appropriate" security control requirements including complex issues of Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, SAS-94 and all variations of privacy protection. 

Although Pivot Point Security continues to go organically through satisfied client repeat business and their referrals, the company is looking to accelerate that success by expanding strategic channel relationships with business and technology consultancies that can be offered as solution "go to" partners. The company also has the opportunity to create product solution sets from highly integrated technology, people and process solutions that can be branded, method applications filed and expanded to other geographic or focused market segments.

Party City

The one-stop party store with 500+ locations and committed to being the best at helping customers celebrate every occasion by offering an unrivalled selection of merchandise at competitive pricing and customer service. 

Provide full outsourced creative direction and production for all in-store, online and offline marketing, including broadcast. Designed, built and provide full outsourcing for the Party City web site including ongoing promotions and web search optimization. Continue to build marketing and online programs like the recent "Birthday Club" to drive more brand loyalty and in-store revenue.

eSync Networks

Collaboration and Business Intelligence consultancy implementing highly productive personal group/project, enterprise, information sharing, data access, workflow, best practices leveraging Microsoft and other best-of-breed products already available in most enterprises, yet underutilized.

Transformed this New York City computer systems integrator into a software consultancy. Worked with the co-owners of the refocused business to create a highly repeatable consulting project solution business. Built working prototype demonstration solutions, initial marketing and branding efforts, business plan, as well as started investor funding activities. Both business divisions sold '2002.

Boston, New York, Washington DC

Digital imaging managed services of rare prints and photos for America's great museums and libraries. 

Drove business and investment strategy; provided organization development for professional/certified resources; revised product strategy and current proprietary products to handle commercial and wider product/revenue mix; created business plan and financial model for funding; acted as interim COO/VP Marketing and separately CFO for funding; rebranded the company and overall identity; provide ongoing financial services. Company asset sale '2006.

Mercury Group
New England

Voice, video, and data connectivity design; technology and implementation services for commercial and public institutions. 

Focused 25-year-old business back onto its core strengths to differentiate it from competition; formalized direct and channel selling approaches; made several strategic hires to support the new sales structure and processes; implemented a partner program; rebranded company identity; completely revised web site to reflect a solution approach to services; formally engaged Subject Matter Experts and leadership team into company goals through management by objective bonus structure.

Greater New York City

Managed service provider for application hosting, email, and fax services for worldwide enterprises.

Worked with the President of this struggling publicly held company as Acting-General Manager to revitalize the core managed services business, close two other business units and drive manpower utilization and profit in another. Implemented client project and service level agreements into all accounts; revised the company structure and made strategic hires for direct and channel sales. Prepared the company for trade sale.